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Meet the Artist

Sara L Broers Brown

        My acrylic mixed media paintings and fiber art  are the expression of my intuitive voice. The impressionistic painterly style illuminates the local and fantastic landscapes and figures with variety of visual perspectives. Metaphoric symbolism evokes emotive contemplation within social and cultural contexts. Using organic line and vivid color, my work is alive with texture of paint, fabric, paper, and found objects. Though my art is large in scale, the viewer will become intimate with my work as they discover bits of text under layers of tissue paper or an exciting polka dot batik. My artwork speaks to a large range of viewers who are invited to create their unique personal narratives. Participating in many national juried and gallery shows, artist in residence, and studio tours, my work has earned many high honors and awards. I, Sara L. Broers Brown, am a licensed Colorado K-12 Art Educator and continue to instruct all ages in the public schools and workshops in various media.

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